Titans News · 2020 Olympus Wrestling Season!

Parents and Wrestlers,

It is time to start thinking about wrestling season.  Some of you are still focused on other sport seasons and that is fine. I am just hoping that you will think about a few items. 

  1. If your wrestler is considering not wrestling, please have them come talk to me ASAP.  I like to hear it directly from them.  Have them come talk to me ASAP so that I can make final plans for the season, I like to know before the season starts… not after.
  2. After watching what has happened at school with quarantines I am going to encourage you to consider distance learning for the 2nd quarter.   I think we are more likely to be impacted by quarantines than the actual illness and I would hate for your wrestler to quarantine during the season because they “sat” by someone at school who tested positive for Covid. This is just a strong suggestion and not a mandate.  Let me know how I can be helpful in this situation.
  3. Covid: I will be doing everything I can to help prevent your wrestlers from contracting Covid, however there is a risk involved.  If you or your wrestlers choose not to wrestle this season I will understand.  I would ask that you join me at my parent meeting where I can share with you what I am planning on doing and how I am trying to keep athletes safe during this time.
  4. For those of you not in the athletic wrestling class please email your counselor to join the class starting on 10/30 (first day of 2nd quarter classes).  The class happens during the 4B timeslot and I will be starting practices during the athletic class and ending them by 3:30 PM (B-days only; A-days will end at 5:00 PM) so wrestlers can see a little bit of sunlight this season😊.  If you can’t join you will just need to come to practice on B-days as soon as school ends, but you will miss part of practices.  If there are concerns with this let me know.
  5. Important Dates
    1. Parent meeting 10/22/2020 @ 6PM virtually via Google Meet.  Here is the link to join: https://meet.google.com/txg-uxbm-nim. No in person attendance at this meeting.
    2. 10/26-11/5 (Mon-Thurs only) Preseason Conditioning.  Meet in the wrestling room at @ 2:20PM after school. 
    3. 11/9 is the first practice @ 2:30 PM after school.  11/10 Practice will start at 1:00 PM because it is a B-day.

If you know of someone that would like this info but is not on my email list please feel free to forward this out.